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January 24, 2023

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Answers to 10 Frequently Asked BPO Interview Questions

Organisations often look for ways to slash their operational expense. For the same, they rely on BPO (Business Process Outsourcing). With BPO, some specific business functions are outsourced to reliable third parties. Companies outsource customer support, data entry, and many other processes

BPO is among the fastest-growing sectors in the corporate world. BPO companies require many freshers and experienced employees to perform their operations. Are you planning to work for a BPO company in 2023? You must prepare for the BPO interview to get the job. Let us discuss some of the common questions (with answers) asked in BPO interviews.

Question 1 - What can you tell me about yourself?

It is among the basic questions asked in a BPO interview. The candidate must start the answer by stating their name, city of residence, and age (optional). However, the candidate cannot linger around a basic introduction for long. The idea is to impress the BPO interviewer with your answer. Try stating some unique qualities that separate you from other candidates. If possible, mention some industry-specific qualities that can strengthen your case. You can also state some of your hobbies to the BPO interviewer.

Question 2 - Why do you want to work in the BPO industry?

Answer: In the past few years, the craze for outsourcing has increased in the corporate sector. There are many chances for growth in the BPO industry. Also, BPO companies perform several business tasks like call support, data entry, and accounting. By working in the BPO industry, I will have a chance to meet people with different skills. I can learn different skills while working in the BPO industry, which will give me the right start to a professional career.

Question 3 - Why should our BPO company hire you?

It is also among the common questions asked in a BPO interview. You must state the competencies that make you the best fit for a BPO role. You must state the qualities that set you apart from other candidates applying for the BPO role. Try stating some qualities specific to the BPO role you have applied for. Let us say you are applying for a customer support role in a BPO company. In such a case, you must state some qualities that make you perfect for the available customer support role.

Question 4 - Do you know the different types of BPOs?

People are not aware of the different types of BPOs. Most people think of BPOs as call centres. However, customer support/service is not the only department outsourced by companies. Companies outsource a wide range of business functions to BPO companies. The administrative department, purchase department, selling department, and back office are some other types of BPOs. You can also state a line or two about every BPO type to impress the interviewer.

Question 5 - Can you state the difference between shore and offshore outsourcing?

Answer: Some companies outsource a project or a business function to a BPO company outside the country. When a project or business function is outsourced to a far-off country, it is called offshore outsourcing. Many European companies outsource their business functions to BPOs in India. Such companies are opting for offshore outsourcing. On the other hand, some businesses choose to outsource their business functions in the same or neighbouring countries. When business functions are outsourced nearby, it is referred to as shore outsourcing.

Question 6 - Do you understand the difference between inbound and outbound processes?

With this question, the BPO interviewer is testing your knowledge of the business processes. Usually, this question is asked when you apply for a customer support/service role. Inbound processes involve handling incoming customer calls. It involves assisting customers with the products/services they have bought. The outbound process involves placing calls to prospects and customers. Outbound callers use the company’s database to pursue prospects and convert them into reliable customers. For example, calling customers to sell a particular product is a type of outbound process.

Question 7 - Are you comfortable working night shifts for our BPO company?

The BPO industry involves working different shifts, including night shifts. You must be eager to work during night shifts, and it must reflect in your answer. Let us say a BPO company performs business functions on behalf of a company based in the USA. Due to the time zone differences in India and the USA, the BPO requires employees on night shifts. When the BPO interviewer asks such a question, you must respond positively. Show them that you are comfortable with different shifts, including night shifts.

Question 8 - Why do you think companies outsource their business functions to BPOs?

Answer: By outsourcing some business functions, companies slash their operational costs. For example, the labour rates in Asian countries are a little cheaper. For the same reason, European companies look for Asian BPOs to save on operational expenses. Companies can utilise the saved funds for important business activities. Also, they don’t have to hire additional employees for certain business functions. With the help of outsourcing, companies will hire and train employees only for crucial roles. Also, internal employees can be freed from redundant tasks with the help of outsourcing.

Question 9 - Can you handle customers over the phone?

It is among the most important questions you will face in a BPO interview. You might have to receive/make many customer calls while working in the BPO industry. Many BPOs have a telephonic interview round for hiring new employees. With a telephonic interview round, the company will check your conversational skills. You must pay attention to the details and understand customer issues over the phone. You must highlight your conversational skills when the interviewer asks this question.

Question 10 - What makes you think you will succeed in this BPO job?

With this question, the interviewer is trying to test your confidence. State all the qualities that will make you suitable for the particular BPO role. Also, state that you have a hunger to perform the assigned roles and move forward in your career. When the interviewer considers you hard-working and ambitious, you might get selected. Ace your BPO interview in 2023!