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December 12, 2022

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7 In-Demand Skills Which Will Get You Data Entry Jobs in Delhi, Chennai & Bangalore

Top 7 In-Demand Skills To Get Data Entry Jobs in Delhi, Chennai & Bangalore

Data is a huge factor in many businesses that help them plan and execute their future endeavours. While almost all businesses across the world generate huge volumes of data in different formats, there is an increased demand for data entry jobs

Demand is much higher in metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, etc. If you are looking for data entry jobs in Delhi, this article will help you understand the most important skills that you need to have to get a placement. 

What are Data Entry Jobs?

A data entry job means feeding data in usable digital format in the form of words and numbers. The raw data might be in different forms such as pictures, audio clips, filling online applications, etc. A data entry executive will then transcript or copy the information provided in these resources into a more usable format. 

A data entry job is one of the most convenient jobs for those who are looking for work-from-home opportunities. These are flexible jobs which you can choose for an additional income, part-time or a full-time job as well. The payment for such jobs usually depends upon the amount of work that you complete. 

7 In-Demand Skills For Data Entry Jobs

Though the data entry job sounds easy, you need to have certain skills to help you get a job. The data input will need the assistance of certain devices and software thus you need skills in technical and technological as well as soft skills. 

  • Typing skills

Typing skills have more importance for data entry jobs than any other efficiency. You must be able to type fast at an average speed of 40-50 words per minute. Though you may find jobs that demand a lesser number of words per minute also if you have a higher typing speed the better your chances are to land a job. You are likely to work with a huge volume of data so you must be able to type fast and finish the work quickly. The higher the typing speed, the more work you will complete and thus get higher earnings. 

  • Accuracy

Equally important is the accuracy of the data entry. The data is only useful when it is accurate without any errors. So not only do you need to be quicker on the keyboard but also should be meticulous and precise. Making errors is humanly but it requires good concentration in your work to make it error-free. This is one skill that is highly important for a fresher or an experienced data entry clerk. Reviewing your work twice, thrice, or multiple times will be needed to eliminate all possible errors from the database. 

  • Technical skills

In data entry jobs you will be using various types of software for data input. The commonly used software is MS Excel and MS Word. These are popularly used for converting pictorial data into words or numbers. While these programs have their complexities, a data entry job will need minimal usage with these. You must have basic knowledge about operating this software to make your work easier. There are chances that you will be working alone or independently so having prior knowledge will be more advantageous.  

  • Know how to use office equipment

Apart from these programs, data entry jobs may also include scanners, printers, copiers, etc. So you should know how to operate these as well. There may also be dictation machines or software that will help you transcribe the media files. Some companies do provide training before the commencement of the work, but having prior knowledge will give you the needed edge over others to get the job. 

  • Understand the database and its uses

Data entry means the input of data from one form to another. So by converting it into a more usable format you are creating a database which will have far more prospects and usage in the future. So you should have a basic understanding of what database means and how the particular company or industry will be using the database that you are creating. You must also be familiar with the common terms used with the software or tools that you are using for the database as well. 

  • High attention to details

Another important aspect of data input is paying attention to details. You must be careful while typing to ensure accuracy with the details and also have an eye for smaller details that can be useful. It will help you work quicker, without errors, and have a detailed set of data. In the long run, this will help with your career growth. 

  • Data collecting ability

As a data entry clerk, you will be given a physical or digital resource to use. But in other cases, you will need to find the information from various resources and collect the data. In either case, it is important to do some basic research regarding the topic given and the industry that you are working with. It will give you an insight into what is expected from the database that you will be feeding. This will help you understand what to provide, where to look for the information, whether or not the information is relevant, etc. 


As important as these skills that are mentioned above, you just need to understand the basics to operate them. You do not need to be an expert in these fields, especially with technical and technological skills. Another important skill for data entry jobs is good communication and interpersonal skills. You should also be good at writing which will be important depending on the type of data format you are expected to provide. 

Time management is also crucial as you need to complete more work accurately in a given time. Data entry jobs are in demand and have a high competition where you must excel in the crucial areas to find a placement.