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December 13, 2022

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How to Become an Electrician and Get Electrician Jobs?

How to Become an Electrician and Get Electrician Jobs

Being an electrician in India is a lucrative job opportunity. Electricians inspect, install, modify, repair, or test the various electrical components in a system. You can work as an independent electrician or as a contractor in various companies or businesses, or land a permanent job as well. If electrician jobs are fascinating to you and you are looking for a suitable placement, here are some tips to guide you. 

Electrician Job Profile

Electricians are those professionals skilled and qualified to perform tasks related to electrical wires and connections. Whether it is a residential apartment, construction site, commercial establishment, or industry, each of them will require the assistance of an electrician for their electrical issues. Nowadays, it is difficult to find an electrician for a simple task so there is a huge demand for electrician jobs everywhere in India. Being metro cities, the demand for electrician jobs in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc is much higher. 

Most of the job profiles for electricians will see the installation, repair, and maintenance tasks which will be displayed as troubleshooting malfunctions, routine inspections to prevent system breakdown, repairing appliances, setting up the electrical installation, etc. to perform these tasks, you need to have basic qualifications and experience in the field. 

Types of Electrician Jobs

Depending on where their work focus is, electricians can find jobs in mainly three departments- residential, commercial, or industrial.

  • Residential electricians will deal with installation and repair processes related to the electrical and wiring systems of apartment buildings and homes.
  • Commercial electricians will need to handle the wiring and electrical systems of commercial buildings and establishments. This type of job will be a little higher than the basic job profile so requires certain training and experience. 
  • Industrial electricians will be working in larger industrial factories that have much more complicated machinery and wiring systems. You will need to be a certified electrician with proper training to be able to work in these areas. 

How to become an Electrician?

Here are the few steps to follow to start your career as an electrician. 

Complete High School

The basic educational qualification to become an electrician is to pass high school. The job requires some skills with basic maths and physics that will be easier if you have a high school diploma.

Vocational School 

It is not always necessary to have a graduate degree to be an electrician. Some people join vocational schools to get basic training and knowledge. 

Enrol for Apprenticeship

While proper training and certification are required to be a professional electrician, the main part of preparing for the job is to do an apprenticeship. This can be done before or after your certification course. This will be for a period of 6 months or so. 

Get Certified 

It is important to complete your certification course to be eligible for the job. You might find job opportunities that do not insist on getting a certification but having one from reputed institutions such as Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) will be a requirement for a majority of opportunities. You can find ITIs in all major cities and towns across India. The course here will be for a couple of years. A Diploma in Electrical and Diploma in Mechanical the important courses you need to focus on. 

Develop Soft Skills

It is equally important that you develop and polish your soft skills to be successful in your job. The soft skills required for electrician jobs are focused work, practical skills, the ability to decipher technical drawings, understanding the instructions, understanding what is happening in the electrical industry, good eyesight, colour vision, physical fitness, communication skills as well as interpersonal skills, etc. 

Apply for the Electrician Job

Once you have the necessary training, certifications, and skills required, you can start looking for the job opportunities that are available online. There are plenty of electrical jobs in Delhi and Mumbai mainly in construction sites, manufacturing units, business developments, etc. 

Career opportunities for Electricians

Residential buildings, hospitals, corporate offices, schools, manufacturing companies, factories etc are the fields that offer electrician jobs. You can choose various fields to be an expert in. You may choose construction sites, building maintenance, focusing on technology that uses renewable energy, the government sector etc. The renewable energy department includes wind turbines, solar energy, wastewater treatment plants etc. Building maintenance will be one of the less tedious work for an electrician and the most stressful can be that in the industrial areas. Each of these fields has a higher demand for electricians so there will be no dearth of opportunities. 

It is crucial to get proper training by associating with a team or company to gain initial knowledge and experience as an electrician. Once you have gained enough experience, you may even choose to be an independent contractor or freelancer as needed. 

Electrician Jobs - Salary

The salary of an electrician mainly depends on experience. You can expect a salary of INR 1,75,000 to INR 4,00,000 per annum for freshers. A fresher can get a monthly remuneration of INR 6000 to INR 10,000. The salary will be higher as you gain experience. An electrician with an experience of 2-4 years can expect an annual income of up to 6 lakhs. There also are various levels with the electrician jobs from ground worker to supervisor. The position will also play a role in the overall remuneration. 


Electrician jobs require very minimal academic qualifications but there will always be room for improvement. In this growing world, it is important that you keep upgrading yourself with the latest technologies and developments in the electrical field. You can join refresher courses or other certification courses for various niches in this area. One such important area is renewable energy. Gaining knowledge in this field will open up new opportunities for you in the near future. At the same time, it is crucial to maintain efficiency and reliability in this job.