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February 20, 2023


How To Introduce Yourself In An Interview?

Today, I am going to tell you that when you are going for any job opportunities or for any interview, how do you impress the interviewer?

  1. You have to keep in mind that you wear clean clothes and your clothes should be either formal or semi-formal. Meaning, the males should wear pants, shirt and polished shoes and females can also pant, shirt or any indian suit.
  2. When you are interacting with them, maintain eye contact and answer them or talk to them. Don't look here and there because when you look here and there, you seem under-confident. And, we have to impress the interviewer here.
  3. If you are meeting the interviewer face to face, then do a firm and gentle handshake. Neither put too much force on the handshake nor press their hand too much. Even if you are nervous, don't show it.
  4. When you're introducing yourself, when they ask you to tell them something about yourself, state your full name then tell them where you are from, then the third thing you tell me is your educational qualification and then if you have any past work experience, you can talk about them.

Always keep in mind that any achievement you have achieved in your life be it school or college or in your field of work, you should definitely mention it.

Because when you speak about your achievements, the interviewer will be impressed and asks you questions about it too. And, you know the answers to them beforehand because you have done those things.

So make sure to speak about the things you have done as a part of your introduction.

Make sure to keep these four things in mind whenever you are going for an interview and my best wishes are with you.

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