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January 23, 2023

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How To Stand Out In A Competitive Job Market In Lucknow?

How To Stand Out In A Competitive Job Market In Lucknow?

The world is getting competitive in all areas and fields and the job market is no different. Every year the number of graduates is on the rise but it is not reflected in the number of job opportunities. 

In larger cities such as Lucknow, there are plenty of job opportunities available, but there are more people for the same post than there used to be. So naturally, there is even more competition among the aspirants. In these circumstances, landing a good job is tough and highly challenging. The only way out is to stand out from the crowd so that you get noticed. 

How do you stand out in this competitive world and job market? Here are some pointers. 

Improve Personal Skills

Your personality is a primary factor that helps you stand out. To improve your personal presentation, you must focus beyond formal clothing. You must polish your communication skills in writing and speaking. When you apply for a job, there should be no errors in your email, cover letter, or resume. Though these could be minor mistakes, in a competitive market, they are non-negotiable and are easily discarded. If this is one area that you need to improve, get proper training or assistance from professionals. 

Improve Your Online Presence 

Never underestimate the power of the digital world. In the job market, digital power is much higher than ever. This is where you can create your personal brand by providing the necessary details. This is one place the employer may look into. Create a compelling profile with a professional picture of yourself along with your qualifications, achievements, etc, as applicable. You may get some recommendations here as well. While most social media accounts are the usual place where you will be looked for, business communities such as LinkedIn have more value. Here, you can widen your network, which leads to the next point. 

Boost Your Network

A professional network is essential for getting a job. Social media forms one of the easiest and free platforms where you can create a network and grow it. You can expand your interactions virtually in different manners such as attending virtual meetings, virtual job fairs, etc. Whether such meetings are fruitful or not, they may be beneficial in the long run with more contacts and sometimes recommendations also. 

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Internships and Other Voluntary Work

Job experience is usually mandatory for all jobs unless it is for freshers. Even then, it is better to have some kind of experience either through voluntary work or internships. It is better to complete an internship whether or not it is required for academics. You can use this experience and add it to your resume. 

Similarly, any kind of voluntary job or work that you have done can also be considered experience. Such work usually counts for the soft skills category, unless it is technical. What you need to understand here is that any work is deemed experience whether or not you were paid for it. 

Get Good References

When you have a vast network of people through your social media, you must make use of it by getting in touch with your colleagues, former teachers, mentors, or others. It will be good to have some strong recommendations for your profile from those working in reputable positions in your or other companies. HR managers usually choose those with a recommendation for respectable personalities. 

Upgrade Yourself 

Being up-to-date in your field and completing any trendy certification courses will definitely make you stand out among the competitors. If there are no such courses you can try, try to learn a new skill, a new language, etc. Since these are conveniently available online, many of them for free, you can easily upgrade your skills and knowledge. 

Revamp Your Resume

A resume is no longer a reference, it is a reflection of your career and capability in a summarized form. It should not be long but should be in a simple single-sheet format. Yet, all the necessary information should be included in it. If you want to stand out, it is better not to use the usual templates for the resume and create a unique one. You may approach professional resume writers for assistance. Since this will be the first point of contact for your profile, it is worth investing in. 

Impress in an Interview

In a job interview, your demeanour, the way you present yourself, communication, confidence, and general energy level would also be assessed. You must be warm and approachable as well as respectful and enthusiastic. Make sure to have eye-to-eye contact while talking, which shows your confidence level. Try to answer the questions to the point and add more when you are asked to. Companies always prefer confident, energetic, and approachable personalities. 

Be Flexible 

Many companies are now getting back to the normal routine of working from offices. Even though many people prefer work-from-home jobs, such jobs are reducing in number. In these circumstances, you must be flexible enough to try other jobs as well. You must also be willing to give a chance to a job that has longer working hours than you are used to. Your flexibility should also reflect in the salary negotiations since that is the final hurdle. Here, you must tread extremely carefully. You cannot be too adamant about a particular scale. Otherwise, you may end up losing the job to the next candidate. 


Apart from all that is mentioned here, you must also be patient. Sometimes you may have to reset your goals and expectations, especially if you are unemployed, to find results. In such situations, it is advisable to take the best opportunity and gain experience. Later, you can continue your search for a better opportunity with more skills. No matter what, you must keep your search on with an optimistic and confident mind. Subscribe to a job search portal and get suitable job profiles so that you can grab your opportunities. 

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