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January 27, 2023

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Part-time and Freelance Job Opportunities for 10th Pass Students

In the current economy, many are trying to secure additional income or earn enough money to support themselves or their families through difficult times. This is why students who have passed their board examinations after 10th standard tend to look for jobs before continuing with their studies. Some even work while studying. Now, since they lack the necessary qualifications to secure high-paying jobs, some students are often skeptical about the type of jobs they might find. However, there are certain part time jobs and freelance jobs available across India which pay a decent salary and are available for candidates who have just passed 10th standard. These jobs can help supplement the family income or support the candidate's needs as they continue to navigate the job industry or pursue higher studies. 

Top Part-time and Freelance Jobs for 10th Pass Students

There are several jobs that you can do once you pass your 10th standard examinations. Given below are some of the best jobs available. 

1. Back Office Staff

Back office staff work with the administration and other non-client facing departments. You may need to assist with data entry and management, help with repairs in the office or even work on some IT processes if you have the right skills. These jobs are available in almost every industry and have regular hours. You can choose to work full-time or opt for freelance opportunities. The latter is a good option, if you want to work for some time before focusing on higher studies. 

2. TeleCaller

As a telecaller, you will need to call clients and handle or discuss sales over the phone. This may be loan sales, product sales, or other types of sales which will depend on the company. To become a tele caller, you will need to have good communication skills. You will also need to be able to converse in your chosen language. Before getting the job, you will have to take tests which will determine if you are the right fit. 

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The job of customer care staff is similar to that of a telecaller. However, here it will be the customers or clients who call to ask about or provide feedback regarding products and services. You need to be good at communicating politely and should have a sound knowledge of the products and services. This will help you address the queries and provide assistance. 

4. Delivery Person 

Nowadays, it is not just e-commerce sites or restaurants that offer delivery services, but almost every other store and any establishment that sells goods. Therefore, there are several delivery jobs available. Once you pass the 10th standard, you may not be able to ride a bike or drive a delivery vehicle immediately. But you can start delivering goods on a bicycle. If you work for local shops, you can even make a few deliveries on foot. At 16 years, you can get a licence to ride a gearless motorcycle. This is a good place to start and once you are 18 years old, you can get a motorcycle with gear for quicker deliveries across long distances. 

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5. Cook

While you do not need to have any specific educational qualifications, you do need to know the art of cooking for this job. Many restaurants hire cooks and kitchen staff. If you enjoy cooking and can cook certain cuisines this can be a great opportunity. This is also one of those jobs that can help ensure career growth. You can start as a cook in a small restaurant and then move to bigger establishments. Work experience in the kitchen will be beneficial if you choose to study hospitality or any other subject related to the culinary arts. 

6. Cab Driver

You cannot become a cab driver right after your 10th standard. But once you are 18 years of age, you can apply for your driving licence. If you want to become a cab driver, you can enroll with any of the cab services available and start driving. But it is important to have a valid commercial or private driving licence and some experience in driving passenger vehicles. You will need to take a test that will examine your behavioural and driving skills.  If you are going to drive your own car, then vehicle registration is a must and you will also need a third-party liability insurance policy. 

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7. Mobile Repair or AC Technician

Mobile repair shops are available in almost every locality. If you have the skills to work with mobile hardware, you can get a job at any of these shops. You can also ask the technicians in the shop to guide you and help you learn on the job. You can also start working as an AC technician. You will need to visit homes for AC servicing and repair, so it is important to make time for the job throughout the week. Also being an AC technician can be a good part time job as most of these jobs are going to be during the summer.

8. Personal Assistant 

After passing 10th standard, you can start working as a personal assistant. Many middle and senior management individuals hire assistants to help with day-to-day tasks. This can be a good opportunity to learn about work in a specific industry and also earn a good amount of money. If you are taking weekend or evening classes, being a personal assistant is ideal as you will be able to work during the day. 


As a 10th pass student, it may seem that there are not many doors open for you. But, if you look enough, you will find many opportunities in different industries. The best way to get a job is by understanding your skills and capabilities. Then, use these to filter through the available jobs. Communication is key, so remember to build a good rapport with potential employers. Working from a young age can help you gain experience and build financial support before you continue with further studies or change careers.