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December 14, 2022

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Top 10 Best Freelance Jobs - With Salaries

Top 10 Best Freelance Jobs - With Salaries

Companies across several industry sectors recruit freelance professionals for performing different types of jobs. Freelancers enjoy the benefit of flexible work hours whereas the companies that hire them enjoy the expertise of the freelancers over certain projects. If you are aware of the different types of freelance jobs that are available in different career fields then you can explore the options and take up a job according to your skills and requirements. Throughout the article, some of the freelance jobs have been discussed. 

Web Developer

Average national monthly salary: Rs 16,175 

To get a freelancing job as a web developer, you must know how to use JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and other programming languages. Along with this they should also know the use of different computer tools,  design, plan, build and update and maintain software and website applications. In addition to the creation of website layout, Web developers are required to determine the content capacity, performance, traffic capabilities, and technical features. Sometimes web- developers do both back-end and front-end development and are known as stack developers. 

Social Media Specialist

Average national monthly salary: Rs 17,509

The primary job of social media specialist is planning a social media strategy to promote the business of their client. The social media specialist research the targeted customer and find out on which platform they are most active. After this engaging content is created by them on these platforms to attract the customer and at the same time persuade them to visit the website of brand. Regular sharing of this content helps in solidifying the online presence of the company and promotes brand awareness among the public. Social media specialists are also responsible for connecting with social media influencers, communicating with followers, as well as organize online events and contests for publicizing the brand. 


Average national monthly salary: Rs 18,527

If you want to apply for the job of a videographer, you must be aware of your responsibilities to involve assembling the necessary equipment for filming and recording videos of weddings, meetings, training programs, parties, rallies, conferences, legal proceedings along with other live events. They further work on filming and planning different documentaries, advertisements, television shows, short films, and movies. In addition to filming different projects, videographers are further needed to edit different projects and do various post-production work. 


Average national monthly salary: Rs 18,014

A freelance accountant is needed to manage various financial transactions for different organizations, companies, and individuals as well as inform them about their liquidity, cash flow of business, and financial health. Account managers are often needed to audit as well as maintain financial documents and records. Backup transaction data, and prepare financial budgets and statements. They also handle bank payments, deposits, and statements, calculate payment of taxes, file returns of taxes and comply with regulations and policies of tax.

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Graphic Designer

Average national monthly salary: Rs 17,422

Graphic designers are required to follow the brief given by clients and develop the required concept and utilize different tools at hand for designing software that can transform the developed concept into images, layouts, and designs. Graphic designers use these visuals to communicate various concepts to the target audience. The creations of graphic designers mostly involve advertisements, reports, banners, posters, logos, web applications, logos, brochures, websites, banners, illustrations, layouts, and covers for books and magazines. 


Average national monthly salary: Rs 18,569

An editor’s main duty is to establish, implement and monitor the publishing goals and standards of a company. They proofread, research, review, and edit the written content for accuracy and to improve the quality of the substance. Editors may edit educational, informative, promotional, or entertaining website content, newspapers, manuals, magazines, books, leaflets, brochures, and different other purposes. In simple words, editors analyze content to make sure that it is suitable for the targeted audience for generating new ideas for content and establishing a budget for content. 


Average national monthly salary: Rs 19,056

Writers have the flexibility to work part-time, full-time, with multiple clients or freelance for creating various types of content for educational, entertainment, promotional and informative purposes. Writers create content according to the given client brief and submit the work within set deadlines. Long-form or short-form of content are written by them for blogs, articles, product description, brochures, social media posts, manuals, advertisements, scripts, books, infographic, and news stories. Writers further customize research and plan content that suits the requirement of audiences and platforms. 

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Financial Consultant

Average national monthly salary: Rs 20,064

Financial consultants help clients in making financial plans for achieving short-term and long-term financial goals. To do this, they evaluate the earning capacity of the client, life changes, and financial health affecting their finances. Moreover, they monitor financial markets, economic conditions, as well as legal rules concerning finance. Lastly, financial consultants help clients in handling legal rules, and financial markets and advise the clients regarding how they can save money. Financial consultants work with their clients to make investments, pay off debts, buy assets, create retirement plans, and so on.


Average national monthly salary: Rs 18,677

Tutoring is a well-known freelance job. They help students to revise academic topics that they have learned in colleges and schools. They have a complete grasp of a particular subject and they teach and explain various complex concepts to make it easy for students to comprehend. Several reading materials and resources are researched by them to provide the students with relevant and current knowledge. They devise different methods to facilitate the student’s learning process and evaluate the progress of the students in lessons.

Business Consultant

Average national monthly salary: Rs 22,757

The core duty of a business consultant is to collect information about current business practices and provide strategies so that the business can improve its work efficiency. Business consultants help clients in implementing and adopting specific strategies to improve their business goals. In simple words, freelance business consultants track the efficiency of projects and guide clients toward overcoming any challenges.