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December 14, 2022

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Top 10 Jobs For College Students

Top 10 Jobs For College Students

Students who are currently in college need a steady source of income so that they can fulfill their daily needs and requirements. Hence, they tend to do certain part-time or full-time jobs according to their availability. Jobs are of several types but the jobs that are most suited for college students are those that cover their daily expenses and at the same time also give them time to concentrate on their studies. Doing a job while pursuing education, helps students to make empowering decisions and have financial freedom. Throughout the article, the 10 best jobs for college students have been discussed along with some factors that must be considered while looking for a job. 

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Teaching or tutoring is an easy job to have while you are pursuing your education. The main objective of a tutor is to help students in improving their academic performance. Teachers can have flexible work hours and can provide tuition as an individual or under an institution. Teachers might have to play different roles according to the requirements of the students. Further, by tutoring students of lower grades, you can remember some basic concepts that you have once read. The average national salary of a tutor is Rs 18,682 each month.

Brand Ambassador

Brand ambassadors are normally used by companies to boost publicity and awareness of their brand. Brand Ambassadors further help in developing the tools needed for building a market through training provided to the marketing and sales team. Brand ambassadors are often chosen by companies due to their commitment or enthusiasm toward a particular cause. Being a brand ambassador, you can earn an average salary of Rs 19,890 every month. 


 People who work individually and are not employed under a single company are known as Freelancers. Freelancers must provide high-quality services and products. Students can easily become freelancers. However, to become they should firstly they should practice and get skilled in the field in which they are freelancing. Freelancers can have an average salary of Rs 20,941 per month. However, their income depends on the quantity and quality of work.

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Virtual Assistant

People who work remotely with clients and firms and assist them with their daily tasks are called Virtual Assistants. Different types of activities are involved in this profession namely primary administrative labor, intricate labor management of online reputation, as well as social media activities. The primary tasks of a virtual assistant involve making travel arrangements, email accounts and managing emails, receiving and making phone calls, and schedule appointments. The average salary of a virtual assistant is Rs 21,905 each month.


 This is another great job for college students as it can help them in developing their communication skills. They are normally in charge of providing customer service and welcoming visitors. The job involves other tasks, such as answering questions, greeting customers, and directing them according to requirements. They may sometimes be needed to maintain overall security by checking the feed from the security camera and maintaining the logbook. The average monthly salary of a receptionist is Rs 12,960

Research Assistant

College students can sometimes work as research assistants where their main job is to help researchers with some experiments or support them through evaluating relevant information and data. Further, they assist researchers in submitting research to relevant granting foundations and organizations, manage project correspondence as well as maintain administrative responsibilities. The research environment in which they work can affect their sense of responsibility. Common fields in which research assistants often work involve market research, medical research, companies in development and research, and colleges. 

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Data Entry Operator

This job is quite easy and requires students to enter data within a computer and then in the form of a file. This job can be done by anyone with some basic computer skills. Sometimes this can also be done via smartphones. The average monthly salary for a data entry operator is Rs 17,679. 


Being a blogger is an attractive job for college students wherein they need to write, promote, edit and publish the material of their blogs. Bloggers normally come up with new ideas, edit different blog posts, and advertise them to readers by doing research. Various types of blogs involve Lifestyle blogs, business blogs, fashion blogs, review blogs, personal blogs, food blogs, and news blogs. The average national monthly salary of a Blogger is Rs 21,905.

Game Tester

College students love playing games and so game testing is an enjoyable job for them. Game testers are mostly responsible for analyzing video games for glitches or bugs. These are games that have not been launched yet but are in a developmental stage. When video games reach a particular point in their developmental stage then testers are recruited by the company to test the video game. The average monthly salary of Game testers is Rs 19,837.

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Teaching Assistant

Apart From being a teacher, college students can also opt for being teaching assistants wherein they help teachers in planning as well as delivery of a professional class. Through this, the main teacher can support the learning of other students and provide extra help to students who need it. Being a teaching assistant you can earn nearly Rs 18,125 each month.

Getting these jobs is not easy. College students need to consider some factors while looking for a job, which have been outlined here.

  • Location: You must look for a job that’s close to your college and home.
  • Time commitment:You need time to study and so should look for a job that doesn’t require a lot of time.
  • Leave flexibility: You may often need to take a break from your job to study for exams and so should get a job that has leave flexibility.
  • Salary: Look for a job with less time commitment and more salary.
  • Opportunities to grow and learn: Besides the money, you should get in a job where you can learn and grow. 
  • Skills needed: You must take up a job in alignment with your skills.