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December 15, 2022

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Top 5 Skills Required to Land Driver Jobs in Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore

Top 5 Skills Required to Land Driver Jobs in Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore

Being a driver is a hard-working job that usually does not have a specific work time. The job doesn't offer many variations and can almost be monotonous except for the various routes you can travel or places you can visit. At the same time, not all driver jobs will have such options. Regardless of the type of driver job you get, the role requires you to have certain skills. This will be more important for driver jobs in Delhi or other crowded cities such as Mumbai and Bangalore. Whether you are applying for a driver job in Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc., to be a successful and reliable driver, you need to master a few skills as mentioned here. 

Top Skills for Driver Jobs in Delhi

The basic requirement for a driver's job is a valid driver’s licence appropriate for the vehicle that you will be driving- lightweight or heavy-duty vehicles. Apart from that, the next important eligibility is having a clean driving record with no tickets or penalties whatsoever. If you have both these qualifications then you need to concentrate on the important five skills that will help you get a job and be successful in it. 

  • Sense of navigation

Today's advanced technology helps you reach any destination through an unfamiliar road with the help of GPS. But technology is not always trouble-proof and one must be ready to manoeuvre without the help of GPS as well. This is why drivers must have a sense of navigation which enables them to find directions from a map or assess the direction they are driving in etc. The best way to hone this skill is to study the city map and be familiar with the roads or at least the intersections and get a sense of the different directions from each main point. 

Having a good navigation sense will sound appealing on your resume and increase your chances of getting hired. This will also be a testimony to your adaptability and quick learning ability. 

  • Reliability and responsibility

A driver is as successful as his reliability and how trustworthy he or she is. It is important for a taxi driver or commercial vehicle driver. For the latter, the trust is highly significant as there are valuable assets sent with them to various places. The drivers must be responsible enough to drive safely, obey the traffic rules, and handle the deliveries or pickups as needed. A driver must always be aware of their surroundings and not get distracted by other factors. Most drivers jobs in Delhi are for commercial drivers. 

Understanding the latest traffic rules and road safety regulations will be part of this. As a driver, you will be expected to be up-to-date with the changes as and when it happens. Safe driving is one of the important skills that every driver must have. Road safety is the responsibility of every driver operating on the road and one cannot afford to be careless even for a second. 

  • Time management skills

Driving jobs in Delhi and other busy cities is challenging when it comes to punctuality. The first challenge of a driver job in Mumbai is to keep up the time limit while fighting the heavy traffic on the road. A driver must have better time management skills to plan the trip giving enough room for some delay on the road. 

For commercial vehicle drivers, time management comes in the way they plan their routes so that they do not have to go back and forth on the same route. Commercial vehicles are often time bound and it is important to find the best route that saves time and gets the deliveries or pickups quicker. 

  • Flexibility 

Whether you find driver jobs in Delhi in bigger companies or get a job with a private party, you must be flexible enough to work on different shifts and unpredictable timings. A delivery vehicle may have a specified time frame for the delivery but it comes with different routes and unfamiliar roads. The quicker you can grasp these changes and be punctual and responsible with the work, the better it will be. 

A driver must also be ready to perform additional duties than what was initially designated. For example, a delivery vehicle driver may have to haul heavy objects or a taxi driver may have to help the passengers get their luggage out of the storage compartment. When applying for a driver job in Mumbai or Delhi, you must be ready to be flexible as each type of driver job comes with different requirements. 

  • Communication skills

Finally, the driver of passenger vehicles or commercial vehicles will have to communicate with the passengers or customers respectively. Your ability to communicate without hesitating will reflect on the overall customer service and can earn you extra points. You do not need to be a language expert, just being polite and cordial towards the clients will be enough. 

Moreover, there may be situations where you have to work in collaboration with others for the effective transportation of products or people as needed. You must also understand when to respond to the passengers and when to keep your opinions to yourself. One of the other skills that fall under the same category as the problem-solving ability, especially when dealing with an angry passenger or a customer. 


If you have any past incidents that have happened with you that can prove any of these skills mentioned here, you must make a note of it. Make a quick summary of the incident and practice it well and present it during the interview process. You can also add these skills to your resume as demanded by the job description. Enrolling on a transportation management short course will give you a rough idea and get additional qualifications for future promotion.