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December 12, 2022

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What is a Data Entry Job - A Complete Guide on Salary & Skills

Data Entry Jobs - A Complete Guide

Do you love to work on data, have wonderful keyboard skills, and are good at working within the timeline? If yes, then you are a good candidate who can try data entry jobs. Since almost all industries now have a ton of data in various formats and want someone to convert them into digital usable data, this is a booming industry. The opportunities for this type of job are diverse. It doesn't require too many qualifications or skills. Just a handful of them is quite enough to land a job. Here you will see all that you need to know about finding a suitable job. 

What is Data Entry?

Data entry means entering data into a given database. The given data could be in written, pictorial, or in any other form. You will be asked to get data out of these and write them down digitally in the required format. Data entry jobs also include recorded audio clips which need a transcription. Depending upon the employer, the given format will be different. But the overall objective is to make them into a digital usable format. Sometimes, all you may need to do is to scan the hard copies of a report or other paperwork to digitalise them. It is a convenient job opportunity that offers work-from-home opportunities. 

Types of Data Entry Jobs in Different Industries

While there are numerous opportunities for data entry jobs in delhi, gurgaon, noida the basic job titles are limited. Some of the common job titles are as follows,

  • Data Entry Operator
  • Data Entry Typist
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Transcriptionist
  • Word Processor
  • Typist

Each job title will have a slightly different job description which depends on the type of data format that you will be handling. For example, the Typist's job will be to type word documents such as reports into digital format, while a transcriptionist will be transcribing audio or video recordings into words. 

The industries that hire candidates for data entry jobs include mainly healthcare, accounting, finance, retail, real estate, sales, BPOs, IT companies, etc. 

Qualifications and Skills for Data Entry Jobs

Academic qualifications are not the important criteria for data entry jobs. Many companies look for those who have finished high school as the basic qualification. But there also are companies that look for graduates as well. This will be specified in the job description. The stream of academics is of no importance as graduates of any subject can do data entry. 

  • Technological knowledge

The most important technological qualifications of these jobs are, 

  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office or other similar tools
  • Email management
  • Understand internet browsing
  • Soft skills

You must also have some soft skills such as communication skills, language skills, etc. Language skills will help you land jobs such as a transcriptionist. Communication skills will be required when the job demands you to communicate the data to another department. 

  • Ability to work independently or as a team

Apart from these, you must be able to do the job independently or in association with others as a team. In most cases, this could be an independent job where you should be able to figure out things and meet maximum accuracy as needed.

  • Eye for details

You must have an eye for details, as the accuracy of data entry jobs is to provide as much information as possible from the given data format. This will also require you to have an analytical mind to assess the given data and see its prospects as well. 

  • Meeting deadlines

This is one of the most important qualifications to land data entry jobs. You must meet the deadline on the specific date and time with the specified number of documents. Most data entry jobs will demand you to complete a specific number of documents in the given time frame. 

  • Typing speed

Good typing speed is another common criterion for data entry jobs. You will be expected to have a speed of at least 25 -40 words per minute or above. Sometimes, it must be 70 words per minute as well. 

  • Experience

Last but not least is prior experience in this field. Though companies demand experience in this field to get higher-grade jobs, there are plenty of companies that offer these jobs to freshers or those with no experience in this field. Newcomers in this field may get some training and instructions before they can start the job. But this may not be common across but there are quite a few companies that go offer training. 

Data Entry Jobs - Salary

Data entry jobs will help you earn anywhere between INR 5000 to INR 28,000 per month. In many cases, the earnings will be proportional to the number of documents that you are able to complete. The salary will also be subject to the type of job such as full-time or part-time. Full-time jobs will have a monthly salary while part-time jobs offer payment on a pay-per-document basis. The average monthly salary for data entry jobs in India is INR 15,000. 

How to find Data Entry Jobs in India

As vast as the opportunities in the data entry field, one of the biggest challenges is to find a legitimate job opportunity. There are plenty of fraudulent jobs in the market that people are wary of accepting offers. The one thing that differentiates a fraudulent offer from a legitimate one is that the legitimate jobs will not demand you to pay any amount. Neither will you be required to promote anything or pay a fee for training. Most importantly, look for the legitimacy of the company, if mentioned, and also look for jobs cited only on authentic job websites. 

Key Points

Data entry jobs offer flexibility with work, whether it is a full-time or part-time job. There are plenty of freelance options available in this field. The flexibility of these jobs will be suitable for homemakers, retirees, and for those looking for some extra income.