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field sales jobs in delhi

  • 15000 - ₹30000 monthly
    Field Sales Executive
    aakash systems pvt ltd
    Rama Krishna Puram, New Delhi
    opening 3 hours ago
    opening Field Job...
    opening 2 openings
  • 10000 - ₹15000 monthly
    Field Sales Executive
    divi tourism
    Moti Nagar, New Delhi
    opening a day ago
    opening Office...
    opening 5 openings
  • 30000 - ₹35000 monthly
    Field Sales Officer/manager
    apex inox enterprises
    Gwal Pahari, New Delhi
    opening 1 days ago
    opening Office...
    opening 1 openings
  • 10500 - ₹20500 monthly
    Field Sales Officer/manager
    gratis management marketing private limited
    Pooth Kalan, Rohini
    opening 2 days ago
    opening Field Job...
    opening 25 openings
  • 10500 - ₹25500 monthly
    Field Sales Executive
    gratis cosmetics pvt ltd
    Pooth Kalan, Rohini
    opening 2 days ago
    opening Field Job...
    opening 12 openings

Field Sales Jobs in Delhi

Delhi is a metropolitan city with several employment opportunities in diverse fields. One such opportunity that individuals can explore is field sales jobs in Delhi. In organizations, the top field sales job in Delhi is all about the sales representatives selling the services or products outside the workplace or in an official team setting. The goal is for representatives of the organizations to meet the leads in person and sell them the company's products. Usually, field sales representatives work for B2B as well as wholesale organizations. Relationship strengths and long-term contacts are two crucial factors impacting the sales of such organizations.

Key Points to Remember

To understand more about the aspects of a top field sales job in Delhi one can learn about the following points:

  • To attain a field sales job in Delhi, you can plan and attain the pertinent educational qualification that can help you excel in this field.
  • Along with educational qualifications, your skill-set and experience can play a crucial role in acing the job.
  • Some personal qualities that can make you outshine in this field include proficient interpersonal skills, sharp selling strategies and a competitive attitude.
  • It is recommended to build a strong social network that helps you glorify the organization you are representing.
  • The opportunities for a field sales job in Delhi can be explored using websites such as Indeed and LinkedIn.

Types of Field Sales Job in Delhi

The field sales job is in itself a vast area with various employment opportunities. The individuals can explore these opportunities and based on their preference join the suitable area. The types of field sales jobs in Delhi are given below:

  • SDR, that is, Sales Development Representative: If you are new to the field of sales, you can begin by exploring the area of sales development representative. Some of the responsibilities of an SDR can look like connecting with prospective leads through call and mail. The goal is to move the leads ahead in the sales funnel.
  • Consumer Packaged Goods Sales Representatives: The products that the organization is producing need to reach out to the correct audience and that is where the role of consumer-packaged goods sales representatives comes into play. Some of the primary responsibilities in this type of field sales job include reaching out to the right client, negotiation and relationship management.
  • Real Estate Agent: The ability to sell a property is what needs to be there in a real estate agent. A few of the other important responsibilities include conducting house tours, managing client's data, generating leads and keeping self-cool under high-pressure situations.
  • Financial Services Sales Agent: Individuals who have an interest in both sales and finances can opt for this job. The responsibilities shall be about selling diverse types of financial services such as loans and insurance.
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Representative: This job requires you to work along with medical professionals. The responsibilities can include visiting clinics and hospitals for selling the products produced by pharmaceutical companies to the doctors.
  • Software Sales Representative: With the advancement in technology, the software has become an eminent part of life. The role of a software sales representative can include researching and understanding the product along with fulfilling the requirements of the sales funnel.
  • Outside sales representative: The role of outside sales representatives revolves around conducting sales by meeting with the clients in person. The roles and responsibilities include fostering relationships with clients, scheduling and attending calls, meeting face to face with clients, documenting the sales leads and monitoring the competitors for understanding the needs of the customers.

Key Challenges in This Role

We all face challenges in our professional lives. If we understand those challenges and become aware of them then it can get easier to tackle the same. Thus, below are listed a few of the challenges faced in the field sales job in Delhi. You can read these and become mindful about the same:

  • Finding the correct audience: The product needs to reach out to those who need it the most. Thus, it can be a challenge for the individuals involved in the field sales job in Delhi to find their target audience especially if the company is new and marketing is minimal.
  • Uplifting the motivation of the team: Field sales jobs in Delhi can get competitive especially if multiple companies are coming up with similar products. Thus, during such times it is crucial to keep ourselves as our team motivated for representing the company in the best possible manner.
  • Congruence with the marketing department: Both marketing and sales are two crucial departments of an organization. In case of conflicts between the marketing and sales department, the company may have to suffer.
  • Optimally planning and executing: The right product needs to be out there at the accurate time in the correct way. The individuals in the field sales job need to be alert and active throughout so that they make the most of all the opportunities.
  • Keeping track of sales representatives and clients: It can get tiresome to manage the accounts of all the sales representatives and the clients along with the other details.

Qualifications and Soft Skills Required

Qualifications and soft skills help the person ride the ladder of success in their specific field. The basic qualifications that individuals aspiring to join the field sales job in Delhi can look forward to include a high school diploma along with a bachelor's degree in the field that interests them. Specialization in the field that you want to work in and act as a bonus for your resume. Knowledge about MS Office and familiarity with CRM and BRM practices can further enhance the skill-set of individuals. A lot of lessons come through experience and therefore experience also plays a crucial role in the field sales jobs in Delhi.

Along with this, the soft skills that individuals can work upon include:

  • Communication skills: A sales representative has a lot to do with interacting with people within the company as well as outside. They need to have proficient communication skills for handling clients and developing strong interpersonal relationships that are advantageous for the company in the long run.
  • Negotiation skills: It is crucial to understand the power of persuasion and negotiation as a part of the sales team. This can help the organization get the most benefit and make the most out of one's efforts.
  • Flexible and adaptable nature: A field sales job in Delhi can require one to travel as per the needs therefore you need to be adaptable in such situations.
  • Time management skills: The planning, executing and keeping a tab on accounts of various clients can be time-consuming. Thus, it is preferable to make the most of one's time.
  • Optimistic attitude: It is pivotal to maintain an optimistic attitude when representing the company and also for encouraging the team members to do their best.

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