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technical support jobs in jaipur

  • 8000 - ₹10000 monthly
    Technical Support Executive - Domestic
    load infotech
    Govindpuri, Jaipur
    opening 4 days ago
    opening Office...
    opening 2 openings
  • 12000 - ₹15000 monthly
    Technical Support Executive - Domestic
    unisafe digital and solar energy
    Ashok Nagar, Jaipur
    opening 4 days ago
    opening Hybrid...
    opening 2 openings
  • 12000 - ₹15000 monthly
    Technical Support Executive - Domestic
    tejays dynamic ltd.
    Jaipur, Rajasthan 302015
    opening 8 days ago
    opening Office...
    opening 5 openings
  • 8000 - ₹13000 monthly
    Technical Support Executive - Domestic
    hi touch infoline
    Sodala, Jaipur
    opening 9 days ago
    opening Field Job...
    opening 2 openings
  • 8000 - ₹15000 monthly
    Technical Support Executive - Domestic
    premier software
    Durgapura, Jaipur
    opening 17 days ago
    opening Field Job...
    opening 2 openings
  • 8000 - ₹13996 monthly
    Technical Support Executive - Domestic
    shree krishna traders
    Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001
    opening 17 days ago
    opening Office...
    opening 1 openings
  • 10000 - ₹12000 monthly
    Technical Support Executive - Domestic
    agrawal solar energy llp
    Mansarovar, Jaipur
    opening a month ago
    opening Office...
    opening 1 openings
  • 10000 - ₹20000 monthly
    Technical Support Executive - Domestic
    Pink City, Jaipur Division
    opening 2 months ago
    opening Field Job...
    opening 2 openings
  • 7000 - ₹9000 monthly
    Technical Support Executive - Domestic
    Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur
    opening 2 months ago
    opening Office...
    opening 5 openings
  • 15000 - ₹50000 monthly
    Technical Support Executive - Domestic
    raivens technologies pvt. ltd.
    Govardhan Nagar, Jaipur
    opening 2 months ago
    opening Office...
    opening 10 openings
  • 15000 - ₹25000 monthly
    Technical Support Executive - Domestic
    tejays dynamic ltd.
    Lalkothi, Jaipur
    opening 3 months ago
    opening Office...
    opening 2 openings
  • 7000 - ₹16000 monthly
    Technical Support Executive - Domestic
    suryodayalite marketing private limited
    Kanakpura, Jaipur
    opening 3 months ago
    opening Office...
    opening 3 openings
  • 12000 - ₹25000 monthly
    Technical Support Executive - Domestic
    anand yantriki
    Vishwakarma Industrial Area, Jaipur
    opening 2 months ago
    opening Field Job...
    opening 2 openings

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Technical Support Jobs In Jaipur

The capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur, is a well-liked tourist destination in India and a centre for the jewellery, gemstone, luxury textile, and IT industries. It is among the most populated cities in India and one of the first planned cities. It is a desirable location for job searchers across the country since it is a bustling metropolis with a thriving cultural and business climate.

Jaipur is home to numerous businesses that hire specialists in multiple sectors. Major organisations with regional operations in the city include Infosys, Genpact, Appirio, Hero MotoCorp, Deutsche Bank, and WhiteHat Jr., all of which provide several employment options to people looking for work in Jaipur. Additionally, you can apply for positions at the city-based FICCI, CII, and PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry offices. Here is some good news if you are thinking of moving for a job in Jaipur. Along with having excellent infrastructure, the city is well-served by public transportation and has a wide range of reasonably priced housing options. There are numerous technical support jobs in Jaipur. To be selected for the top technical support jobs in Jaipur, the applicant must be academically and professiona lly qualified.

Key Points To Remember

First, it's important to note that technical support jobs in Jaipur are available on a full-time, part-tim e, or freelance basis, in addition to the typical independent consultant framework.

The following are the abilities required for top technical support jobs in Jaipur —


Giving IT help in technical support jobs in Jaipur frequently entails numerous minute adjustments and details. Support professionals set up hardware and software in specific ways to make sure it works as it should. Additionally, when assisting clients or staff, IT support professionals keep track of previously tried solutions to issues. Avoiding repetition allows them to save time. As missing out on a tiny detail could result in time being lost, this necessitates documenting each step involved in a process.

Managing Time

Effective time management is crucial for those providing IT help. It entails ensuring they don't spend too much time on a potential solution before attempting another. Helping as many customers as possible is one of an IT support specialist's objectives, necessitating controlling their time with each client. Configuring hardware or software is another crucial situation where time management skills are crucial. IT support experts know how to finish these duties quickly so they may get to other work quicker.

Installing Software

IT support professionals can assist businesses in setting up required software. It can entail installing the essential software on each organisation's computer system. In technical support jobs in Jaipur, professionals are skilled at quickly installing new software and ensuring it functions with each device.

Virus Removal

Virus infection on a computer can result in a variety of issues. Removing the computer's virus and restoring the system to its original form are frequent tasks for IT support professionals. The IT support must be familiar with more sophisticated virus removal techniques because viruses frequently prevent ordinary virus eradication activities.

System Hardware

Employees that provide IT assistance may assist businesses or individuals in choosing the right computer gear. To get these computers ready for usage, they might help with setup. An IT support specialist might be hired by a startup company, for instance, to assist in choosing PCs and other office supplies. The support specialist instals the hardware, such as desktop computers, server computers, and backup drives, before the company opens. To do this, the IT professional must be well-versed in the various varieties of computer hardware and how to install them effectively.

Types of Technical Support Jobs In Jaipur

The types of technical support jobs in Jaipur are as follows—

  • Customer Service Technical Support
  • Technical Support Consultant
  • Senior Technical Support Analyst
  • Analyst - Service Desk Tech Support
  • Application Support Engineer
  • IT Support Associate
  • Assistant Manager - Technical Support
  • Software Developer
  • Computer System Analyst
  • Web Developer
  • Network and System Administrator
  • Computer Research Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Sales Engineer

Key Challenges In This Role

One must be aware of the several obstacles this profession must overcome before looking for the top technical support jobs in Jaipur. The understanding of numerous benefits and drawbacks is essential.

Answering Difficult Questions From Customers

Every firm has challenging client inquiries, regardless of how excellent your product or service is. Even if you have policies and procedures in place, such as a customer service training handbook, to help handle these challenging interactions, there may still be times when consumers ask questions that your representatives cannot answer.

Client Expectations

The only way to stand out in a crowded market is to go above and beyond customer expectations. One of the significant difficulties in customer service is figuring out how to achieve this. Customers are more likely to stay loyal and become advocates if you consistently manage and exceed their expectations. Still, they'll cut ties with you and go for services with superior support if you can't accomplish that. Avoid becoming stale in your offerings and strategy as a company; instead, explore new ideas and implement improved support systems based on market trends to stay ahead of the competition.

Management Of Agitated Clients

Customers become irate when things go wrong, and even the best businesses occasionally deal with disgruntled clients. There's no getting around this; it's prevalent in customer support. No of the cause of the customer's dissatisfaction, it is your team's responsibility to handle it appropriately. Your firm may benefit or suffer from promotion, depending on how you react. The answer is to arrive at a satisfactory resolution that is composed, elegant, and quick for everyone. Customers expect issues to be addressed as soon as possible, and their displeasure is taken seriously.

Serving Multiple Clients At Once

If you want to work in customer service, you must regularly be able to handle numerous customers at once. Customer service representatives may be taking a barrage of emails and phone calls from angry consumers while assisting many people on live chat. The problem is that overworking your customer service staff could reduce their total productivity because of fatigue and the psychological toll of continuously multitasking. When your representatives are overworked, other clients may feel non-priority as they wait in line without receiving updates.

Qualifications/ Soft Skills Required

Qualifications required for technical support jobs in Jaipur—

  • Computer science or a closely related technical sector bachelor's degree recommended
  • There may be a need for certification in appropriate computer languages or industry-specific software.
  • 1-3 years of relevant experience in a customer-focused role requiring technical expertise in the goods and services of an organisation.
  • Professional written communication and interpersonal skills are vital when communicating with customers and clients.
  • The capacity to effectively manage many milestones and projects while setting priorities.
  • Extensive functional knowledge of various operating systems, including Mac OS and Windows.
  • Accept constructive criticism and customer comments about their software or IT service experiences.
  • It is at ease using company help desk software and other remote access desktop tools and providing assistance to others.
  • The capacity to set realistic and attainable deadlines for resolution and the competence to manage time.

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